Other items

Shandong Jinling Chemical Group 80,000 tons/propylene oxide project
Gansu Xinchuan Fertilizer Co., LTD. "Two to ten thousand tons/year potassium sulfate project
Fangda Chemical 40,000 tons/year chlorinated benzene technical transformation project
Hebei Chengye Engineering Construction Co., LTD. Hebei Huamin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. 7ACA renovation and expansion project bacterial residue environmental protection project
Hulun Buir Hongyang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. 2000 tons 7ACA, 4200 tons erythromycin project
Liaoning Shixing Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. 12000 tons/year hydrogenated p-aminophenol project
Jinxi Petrochemical Bohai Group Company Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. Styrene tar treatment equipment project
100,000 tons/year acid soil conditioner project of Western Environmental Protection Co., LTD
Ningxia Guyuan Rock Salt Development Co., LTD. New Materials Industrial Park salt chemical industry development planning
Hebei Taina New Material Technology Co., Ltd. added synthetic furnace device and hydrogen boiler project
Gas boiler project of Yingchuang Sanzheng (Yingkou) Fine Chemical Co., LTD
Xinjiang Jingshuo New Material Co., LTD. Zirconium based new material research and development and green cycle process industrialization demonstration project
Huludao Fangda Titanium Industry Co., LTD. Fangda Titanium Refining Process renovation project