Liaoning Fangda Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jinxi Chemical Plant Planning and Design Institute) was established in 1973 and restructured into an independent legal entity in 2003, renamed as "Huludao Jinhua Chemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd.". After its establishment, the company utilized its own technological advantages and relied on the technical resources of the original Jinhua Group's caustic soda and PVC equipment to export caustic soda and PVC technology to the domestic chlor alkali market, making outstanding contributions to the initiation and development of the Chinese chlor alkali market.



Method for synthesizing high-quality vinyl chloride from by-product hydrogen chloride and acetylene containing a small amount of phosgene TDI

Method for preparing chlorobenzene, p-dichlorobenzene, and o-dichlorobenzene during benzene chlorination

A preparation method of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride for paints, coatings, and fibers

Production equipment for PVC seed paste resin

Device for producing polyvinyl chloride copolymer paste resin

A device for producing polyvinyl chloride paste resin using micro suspension emulsion method

A method for significantly increasing the production capacity of polyvinyl chloride

A method for preparing hydrazine hydrate and co producing calcium chloride using saponified slag>Service scope


1. Possess advanced caustic soda and PVC process technology and engineering experience.

2. Understand and master the situation of equipment and materials in the Chinese market.

3. Able to train staff and provide driving guidance.

4. We can provide customers with customized services throughout the entire project process.