Warehousing project

Panjin Mingcheng Tank Farm Project (2 2000m3 butadiene spherical tanks, 4 3000m3 Class A and B liquid fixed roof storage tanks)
Jinhui Company Tank farm Project (6 sets of 2000m3 propylene spherical tanks, 4 sets of 3000m3 Class A and B liquid fixed roof tanks, 4 sets of 5000m3 caustic soda tanks)
Hesco Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., solvent storage tank area project
Huludao Beilong New Energy Technology Development Co., LTD. Huludao Beilong Oil and Gas Storage and Logistics Project (LNG)
Lianshan Oil Depot environmental protection hidden danger control project of Huludao Oil Company
Tank farm project of Hulunbuir North Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Hulunbuir North Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Class A solid storage project
Huludao Xingbang Industrial Co., LTD. 180# Marine Fuel Oil project