Hulunbuir North Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Medical and Chemical Industrial Park Demonstration project part of the single fire rectification design (Phase II) project
Safety design diagnosis and safety rectification project of chlorine workshop in Yihua, Inner Mongolia
Huludao Modern Chemical Industry Co., LTD. Fireproof, explosion-proof, anti-gas safety protection land status map project
2016 Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention Project Park land List and soil environmental Management Information Platform construction project of Kunlun Economic and Technological Development Zone in Golmud, Qinghai
Safety Diagnosis and Evaluation Report of Taishan Salt & Chemical Branch of Xinwen Mining Group Co., LTD
Equipment Safety Diagnosis Evaluation Report project of Inner Mongolia Yihua Chemical Co., LTD
Safety diagnosis project of 80,000 tons/year propylene oxide project of Shandong Jinling Chemical Co., LTD
Inner Mongolia Yihua Chemical Co., LTD. Yihua Safety rectification project