Qingdao launched the first batch of 20 pilot projects, including the change of qualification of engineering design enterprises without feeling approval

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2023-04-12 11:29

News reporter Cui Yalun reports from Dazhong Website
"Hello, Mr. Song. Qingdao Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau. We have learned through the examination and approval system that your enterprise, Qingdao Xinjia Labor Operation Co., LTD., has recently changed its enterprise name, but the construction enterprise qualification has not been changed accordingly. In order to ensure the normal operation of the company's business, we will change the construction enterprise qualification for you according to your changed enterprise information. Do you agree to do it now?" A few days ago, Qingdao Xinjia Labor Operation Co., LTD. Mr. Song received a phone call from the Qingdao Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau staff. Originally, in July, Mr. Song handled the change of enterprise name and legal person in Jiaozhou, and the change of construction enterprise qualification needs to go to the Qingdao Administrative Examination and Approval Service Hall, and it takes one day to go back and forth and do things. Before Mr. Song could go to the Qingdao Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, he received a call from Qingdao Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau.
After obtaining the consent of the enterprise, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval handled the qualification change of the construction enterprise for the enterprise, and sent the certificate to Mr. Song's company free of charge through the government special delivery service. This really made Mr. Song very happy, "This is really easy, it was such a hot day I thought to wait a few days to go. Now before I declare, the examination and approval bureau will take the initiative to call me to handle, not only save the time to travel to the city, even the business has been reminded, do not have to hand in materials, do not have to run errands, unconsciously completed, is really convenient."
On August 13th, Qingdao Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau issued the Implementation Plan of "Senseless Examination and Approval" for Deepening Process Reengineering and Innovation Service Mode (Trial), which took the lead in carrying out the "Senseless Examination and Approval" on a pilot basis in China. Mr. Song's company was among the first beneficiaries of this reform. "Senseless approval", as a new smart government service mode, is based on the sharing and mutual recognition of government information and data, and uses big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to build an intelligent three-dimensional perception system of government services, so as to realize accurate prediction, instant perception, targeted push and intelligent disposal of the needs of enterprises and the public, and free express approval documents. The whole process requires no active application, no submission of materials, no running back and forth, and the whole process can be checked and traced, so that the enterprise masses can accomplish things in the "non-sensory experience".
According to the requirements of the Plan, Qingdao will pilot some items in the city level, Pingdu City and Laixi City to carry out "senseless examination and approval", and the first batch of pilot items list has been published. As one of the pilot areas (cities), on August 11th, Pingdu Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau through the "unconscious examination and approval" way for Pingdu Longyu Kindergarten, Agricultural means of Production circulation association, football Association for private non-enterprise units and social groups registration certificate extension. "Now the approval service is too considerate and efficient. Before, when the Minfei certificate expired, we had to go to the civic hall to extend it. If the deadline is delayed, it will affect the normal operation of the kindergarten. Now at home to wait for the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval initiative to continue the notice, staff doorto provide services, but also do not have to submit materials, save our business time and costs." Li Qilong, the legal representative of Pingdu Longyu Kindergarten, sincerely extended his thumb and praised the "approval without feeling".
In order to meet enterprise masses' demand for government services from being usable to being convenient, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval fully draws on the industrial Internet concept of "person-order integration" and "customized service", takes "people" as the center, and customizes the examination and approval process according to the needs of service objects. It has realized two major "changes" of the government "supply side" in the process of government service, that is, from passive examination and approval to active service, and from management to service.
The relevant person in charge of Qingdao Administrative examination and Approval Bureau introduced that, "' insensitive examination and approval 'is still in the pilot implementation stage. We first selected 20 businesses such as qualification change of engineering design enterprises to be included in the' insensitive examination and approval 'pilot scope. Going forward, we will gradually expand the scope of implementation according to the pilot situation, announce a batch of mature items, and bring more items into the scope of "unconscious approval". At the same time, by the end of August, we will also build a unified "senseless approval" service management system in the city to realize the analysis and judgment of approval data information, and intelligent perception of potential service objects. The system will send the prompt information to the service objects through SMS or wechat, and the service objects can use the "senseless approval" system for facial authentication and information confirmation. Let the enterprise masses enjoy the 'customized' intelligent service, so that the administrative examination and approval can really 'read you' and 'accompany you' ".
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