Taizhou government units the second batch of wall demolition green engineering design scheme is in the field research

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2023-04-12 11:21

Recently, the Municipal garden industry center of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, together with the city Investment Group, organized design units, construction units, supervision units to form a research group, to the project site to study and discuss the second batch of wall removal and green engineering design scheme.
From the aspects of afforestation and comprehensive environment, the research team inspected the implementation conditions of the second batch of project units such as Municipal Tax Bureau, Health Commission, Education Bureau, work Safety Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau. On the basis of the preliminary discussion, combined with the field investigation, the project design proposal to improve and optimize the specific suggestions.
One is to strive for transparent landscape.
In accordance with the idea of proper density and proper opening and closing method, the greening with high sealing degree and weak permeability is sorted out and reformed by adding walking paths and adjusting plant types, so as to achieve "people can enter and get green through".
The second is to enrich the visual level.
Overall management and reconstruction of space, from the collocation of green and color, the combination of plants and scenery, use the corresponding landscape space techniques to transform and improve the green with single varieties and improper layout, so as to achieve "front, middle and back coordination and unity, high and low patchwork".
Third, focus on humanistic experience.
In accordance with the concept of "blending water and green, suitable for movement and movement", through improving the waterfront landscape, improving the hydrophilic carrier and other measures, from the overall layout, local appearance and overall transformation of the green units along the river, sculpting the scenery and enlarging the characteristics.
Fourth, improve service functions.
Starting from the needs of the masses, some units with site conditions should add some ecological parking Spaces as far as possible. Under the premise of taking into account landscape construction, the facilities and equipment such as seating, fitness equipment and so on can be properly placed to better facilitate and serve the public.

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