The State Council amended the Regulations on the Administration of Survey and Design of Construction Projects

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2023-04-12 11:20

On June 23, China Development Net intern reporter Song Jing learned from the Chinese government website that The State Council has decided to amend the "Regulations on the Administration of Survey and Design of Construction Projects" as follows: Add a new article as Article 40: "Where, in violation of the provisions of these Regulations, a survey or design unit fails to prepare the survey or design documents of a construction project in accordance with the project approval documents, urban and rural planning and professional planning, and the requirements for the depth of survey and design of a construction project set by the State, it shall be ordered to correct within a time limit; Those who fail to make corrections within the time limit shall be fined not less than 100,000 yuan but not more than 300,000 yuan; Those who cause project quality accidents or environmental pollution or ecological damage shall be ordered to stop business for rectification and their qualification level shall be lowered; If the circumstances are serious, the qualification certificate shall be revoked; If losses are caused, they shall be liable for compensation according to law."
In addition, the "urban planning" in paragraph 1 of Article 25 should be amended to "urban and rural planning", and the order of the articles should be adjusted accordingly.

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